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5 Best practices to maximize your B2B integration

June 18, 2020 2:00 ET/11PT

Companies are constantly evaluating new B2B Integration tools.

But is your company evaluating solutions that will truly support superior B2B and partner management best practices?

In our next DevCast Demo, John Wilson will share B2B best-practices, referencing not only his role as Software AG's B2B Product Manager, but also his deep experience as a long time end-user of B2B Integration tools at Fortune 500 organizations.

During this presentation we’ll discuss 5 best-practices including:

1. ‘Common sense is a super power’
2. Process-driven onboarding
3. Creating/configuring your own B2B Framework
4. Documenting, cataloging and tracing your B2B data interfaces
5. How to prepare for any B2B business question

Throughout the presentation, attendees will be able to see Software AG's, latest SaaS-based solution, B2B.

Please join us for this insightful DevCast Demo by registering here for this upcoming webinar on June 18 @2:00.

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