Trend Watch 2024:

How Integration Changes in the Age of AI

Duration: 45 minutes

Generative AI, low-code/no-code options, emerging cloud migration and modernization patterns, and heightened security and compliance concerns. These are among the trends that are changing integration demands, approaches and technologies in 2024. How can organizations adapt, mature and evolve to promote agility and innovation while ensuring adequate governance and control? Join this discussion about the art of the possible, best practices and priorities for 2024 with R "Ray" Wang, Founder and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research; Doug Henschen, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research; Subhash Ramachandran, SVP, Product Management, Software AG; and Ernie Denninger, Director, Systems Engineering, Software AG.

What you'll learn:

  • What to expect from emerging GenAI features and how to ensure data security
  • How cloud deployments and integration approaches are evolving and maturing
  • Why hybrid and cross-cloud support are essential even as organizations consolidate cloud spend
  • How low-code/no-code options can democratize integration without compromising governance
  • How organizations are automating business processes using integration platforms

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R "Ray" Wang
Founder and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Doug Henschen
VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Subhash Ramachandran
SVP, Product Management, Integration & API, Software AG

Ernie Denninger
Director, Systems Engineering, Software AG