Powered-Up Insights: 5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Data in ARIS

Duration: 60 minutes

Are you ready to unlock the power of Process and Data working together? It’s time to harness your ARIS repository’s full potential. Join us and discover how ARIS Dashboards can elevate your capabilities and help you become a champion.

You may already have everything you need; perhaps you just haven’t realized it yet. That's why we're here — to reveal the untapped opportunities within ARIS.

What’s in Store for You?

FAST Dashboard Creation: Learn how to rapidly create dashboards in ARIS, seamlessly integrating data for actionable insights.

FOCUSED Context Sensitive Comparisons: Display dashboards alongside process information for context-driven insights.

TOUGH Access Control: Effortlessly customize access rights to ensure data security and privacy.

STRATEGIC Integration of Real Data: Embed ARIS Process Mining or other business dashboards into the published contents of the portal.

INTUITIVE Content Navigation: Use ARIS Dashboards as a jumping-off-point into any part of your repository, guiding users to the right content, the first time, even if they are unsure where to go.

By the end of our webinar, you'll wield the tools and knowledge to drive evidence-based success within ARIS. Don't miss out – let's embark on this transformation journey together.

J-M Erlendson | LinkedIn
Transformation Engineering Lead, Software AG

J-M Erlendson is a Lead Business/Process Transformation Engineer and Project Manager with over 15 years of experience in Business Process Management and Project Management, helping clients develop and implement business process framework strategy and execute process documentation and improvement projects.

Raviteja Avvari | LinkedIn
ARIS Product Manager, Software AG

Ravi is a Product Manager for ARIS and responsible for platform and visibility of ARIS Process Mining and dashboarding. He also takes care of the gallery and technology partnerships. Based out of our Indian office, he has been with ARIS for 6 years now contributing in different capacities. He is a strong advocate of process improvement for operational excellence.