Let’s drive sustainable growth with processes. Are you with us?

ARIS does not only have a long history – we look with you to a sustainable, compliant and excellent future. ARIS supports operational excellence and transformation in all aspects of your operations from strategy to execution.

Don’t miss the launch of ARIS for sustainability – on CNBC, as well as our upcoming ARIS Process Mining solutions webinar, updates on regulatory compliance, International User Group, birthday celebrations and more.

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ARIS for sustainability

Sustainability is the new normal. Are you ready for the change?

As our CEO Sanjay Brahmawar said on CNBC: "The challenges that organizations need to overcome on a daily basis require constant innovation, and this is never truer than when it comes to sustainability. We need new thinking and fresh answers if we're to collectively solve the universal issues we're facing today."

ARIS is playing an active part in this in helping you to better understand and rethink your business operations. Find out how your processes can support your sustainability strategy, read more here on “how to look UP” with processes.

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Upcoming webinar: accelerate time to value with process mining

Haven’t heard the news? We have a process mining webinar scheduled for June 22nd, at 4 PM CEST. No matter if you are a process mining newbie or already familiar with it, you will for sure get some interesting and new insights.

Want to improve your purchase-to-pay, record-to-report, hire-to-recruit or order-to-delivery process? Our process mining solutions will support your unique journey with predefined KPIs and visualizations.

Together with process experts from BPM-D, Infosys and Consulta, we will run you through the available ARIS Process Mining solutions and explain how you can accelerate your time to value with them.

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Gartner report: process mining can support business operations in driving resilient growth

Can your business respond and adapt to unexpected disruptions or changes? Many businesses are running based on plans that are set in stable and predictable conditions. However, the business environment is always changing, and organizations need to be prepared to deal with and recover quickly from unexpected events.

Gaining visibility and understanding of your actual business operations and processes is today, more than ever, a major competitive advantage. Process mining enables you to adapt to
fast-changing environments
. It supports the ability to alter operations in the face of changing business conditions, with business outcomes based on your fact-based insights. It delivers insights into where to adapt and improve, and it supports your business operations in driving resilient growth.

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IUG 2022 review

This year’s IUG was the first hybrid IUG ever after two years of virtual-only. After all this time, we could finally meet again in person in The Hague, and it was great to see so many familiar faces again. But we also had a great audience virtually, and we are happy that so many of you also watched the sessions online.

On the fun side, of course, there’s no real IUG without an evening event for networking and having fun. And this year we also celebrated the 30th birthday of ARIS with a delicious birthday cake, a photo contest, and some special giveaways.

About 100 ARIS users on site and many more online could learn all the details about the new ARIS 10 SR18 and the newly launched ARIS for sustainability accelerator package. Deep dive sessions from the ARIS experts about design and rollout, process mining, regulatory management and operational excellence, as well as partner sessions by Palmira and Bruhati complementing the program.

But the most important highlights were the real projects presented by ARIS users from Rolls Royce, Bank of Ireland, SPF Justice, ING, ASML, Equinor, Maersk, Phoenix Group, and Friesland Campina.

If you’ve missed any of it or want to rewatch your favorite sessions, you can do so on demand until September 30.

Just click here to watch on-demand. If you are already registered, you can just log in. If not, it’s not too late. You can still register here.

BTW, did you know that there is a Groups platform for all Software AG user groups that helps you to connect with other users and keeps you up to date about upcoming user group meetings? Learn more, register and be always up to date.

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ARIS birthday celebrations review

In 1992, the first ARIS tool was invented and introduced to the market. A lot has happened since then and ARIS grew and matured to a complete enterprise management system for business process analysis and process mining. See a short summary in this video.

In 2022, we celebrate 30 years of passion for processes and just launched the new ARIS for sustainability accelerator package that paves the way to sustainable operational excellence.

We thought “no big birthday without a big party.” That’s why we organized a hybrid party in our subsidiary in Saarbruecken on 19th of May and invited some special guests. Other locations in the world also celebrated and followed our live stream. And the best thing is you can watch it now, too, on demand at 30yearsaris.com.

Password: ARIS30

We had our CEO, Sanjay Brahmawar, our CPO, Dr. Stefan Sigg, ARIS inventor Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer, and many other guests on-site. It’s really worth watching.

To underline our commitment to sustainability, Sanjay planted a symbolic tree and so did our celebrating colleagues in our locations around the world.

For a quick look, watch our behind-the-scenes video from the birthday celebrations in Saarbruecken.

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Release deep dive: regulatory management

It’s not news that pressure on companies to fulfil regulatory compliance requirements has been rising for years. A little bit newer is the fact that–in addition to the government–consumers and employees pressure companies even more. People set more value on sustainability issues, such as climate change, health, working conditions, or social responsibility. This is reflected in buying decisions and in job choices. You get the point: good regulatory management is inevitable to survive in today’s markets.

While ARIS has provided an extension for risk and compliance for many years, the functionalities have now been improved and extended to meet the needs of regulatory requirements even better. They include:

  • new model types: regulation model, regulation allocation diagram and requirement allocation diagram
  • a new structure for regulations with categories, chapters and clauses
  • new workflows for regulatory change and compliance assessments

The new model types are also part of the ARIS for sustainability accelerator package as regulatory compliance plays an important role in sustainability initiatives.

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ARIS partner spotlight: Consulta

This time’s ARIS partner of the month is CONSULTA, our consultancy, training and implementation partner in Turkey.

Consulta Business and Technology Consulting aims to support organizations in their journey toward digital transformation and to help them offer more effective and efficient services. Based in Turkey, Consulta is covering the EMEA region and a trustful partner when it comes to all projects and questions around ARIS – from installation, integration or migration to process modeling, process mining, simulation, process governance and training services in ARIS.

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