We've been named a Leader once more!

We have great news and exciting updates to share with you. We are particularly proud of our ranking in the latest PEAK Matrix. For the third year in a row, we have been named one of the top process mining vendors by Everest Group.

But that's not the only news we want to share with you, because we have not one, but two webinars just waiting for your registration.

What else is new around ARIS? Read on and find out.

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Everest Group PEAK matrix: we're a leader in process mining – 3rd year in a row

The results are in! The Everest Group Matrix for Process Mining Technology Vendors - 2022 compares 19 process mining platforms and provides recommendations on what each platform does well and where it falls short. For the third year in a row, Software AG's ARIS Process Mining has been named a Leader.

Discover what makes us unique and what our clients have to say about our solution. From the report:

"Clients appreciate integration between process mining and process modeling, enabled by the platform, which helps their business process life cycle"

"Clients have indicated high satisfaction with the platform's intuitive dashboarding capabilities and have appreciated Software AG for its customer-centricity and flexibility"

"Clients appreciate the ease and speed of integration with enterprise systems for data ingestion"

Read the report now and decide on a process mining vendor with confidence.

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Webinar: customer journey maps reimaged – with ARIS and CUBES

Customer journey maps provide a great way to illustrate your customers’ interactions with your organization. The integration with CUBES allows you to make these maps even more interactive by involving your customers in the development and enhancement of their journey.

Join the experts from our partner TSME and Dr. Helge Hess, ARIS Chief Evangelist at Software AG, in this webinar on August 3 and see how to create interactive and progressive customer journey maps based on ARIS and CUBES.

Can’t join? All registrants will receive a recording of this webinar in a post-program follow-up email.

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ARIS partner spotlight: TSME

This time’s ARIS partner of the month is TSME solutions, our consultancy, business process management, and digital transformation services partner in UAE.

TSME is headquartered in Abu Dhabi with more offices in Dubai, Amman, Silicon Valley and a branch in Saudi Arabia. TSME is based on a strong foundation of experience, marking it as a transformation leader with a strong commitment to deploy unique, innovative solutions and technologies for an exceptional transformation journey. Starting with setting the final vision and ending with realizing the envisioned future state, TSME is strongly committed to empowering capabilities for innovative, first-rate results.

Read more about TSME

ARIS Process Mining solution: order-to-delivery

Identify bottlenecks and start improving your order-to-delivery process with the ARIS Process Mining solution. Observe your performance from your order to your delivery fulfillment, examine late deliveries, see which activities take longer and find your happy path.

With the help of this industry-agnostic solution, you can easily discover the process flow by different variants and cycle time of the whole order to delivery process. It focuses on process cycle times, key information about the customer group, shipping method, product group, OTIF delivery and clearly presents the throughput times between stages.

And the best is yet to come the ARIS Process Mining solution for order-to-delivery is free!

Learn more about the solution

Webinar: TM Forum’s eTOM and ARIS–accelerate your business transformation

CSPs are currently undergoing massive business transformations. The rise of new technologies like 5G, AI/ML, IoT and cloud forces CSPs to continuously invest in new technologies.

A company’s business processes are the backbone of efficient business transformation. The ability to adapt them fast and flexibly brings businesses a crucial competitive edge.

The TM Forum is a global industry association for service providers and their suppliers in the telecommunications sector. It provides an open, collaborative environment to help its members with tools, frameworks and information in their transformation initiatives. They provide the Business Process Framework eTOM as a hierarchical classification scheme with descriptions of the key business processes required to run a service-focused business.

This eTOM framework is available as an accelerator package in ARIS for free download. After being imported into your ARIS instance, it is ready to use immediately.

Learn in this webinar from TM Forum and Software AG experts how eTOM and ARIS work together and how they can help you accelerate your business transformation.

Register today and join us on September 13th

ARIS10 SR18: new heat maps and polar charts

The new ARIS 10 SR18 provides new polar charts (spider chart) that help you to show multivariate data sets. You can adapt the settings according to your preferences and, e. g., visualize KPIs as columns.

New heat maps allow you to depict data values for an asset of interest across two axis variables as a grid of colored squares. You can select different color palettes and change the colors via value settings.

Share your KPIs with your peers and make better decisions faster.

Read more and watch the video

Huaqin Technology: smarter products with ARIS

Huaqin Technology was looking to improve gross profit margins, increase the efficiency rate of product development and provide transparency throughout the R&D process.

ARIS Enterprise enables Huaqin Technology’s R&D department to monitor every step taken in its integrated product development (IPD) program. This empowers staff to spot and correct errors along the way rather than finding them at the end of the process and having to start all over again.

R&D has now greater visibility of the end-to-end development cycle and increased efficiency in product development by 30%. The product development process is timelier and more cost-effective.

Read the full story here

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