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What sets ARIS apart? I'm rather certain that you have asked this question of yourself, or perhaps a partner, customer, coworker, or student did. It's really quite easy. ARIS is more than just a tool for process modeling or process mining; it is both and a combination applies. To ensure your long-term success, it also expands the team's risk and compliance capabilities. ARIS accelerator packages, partner solutions, and services around ARIS come together to kickstart your projects, no matter how big or small.

The entire ARIS team is driven to ensure your success. For over 30 years, customers from all over the world and across industries have achieved operational excellence with the help of ARIS. ARIS grows with your needs and at your pace.

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Webinar: Process mining and modeling - why they are better together

To successfully drive your transformation, our ARIS suite provides you with all the essential ingredients.

In the past, most organizations focused on either process modeling or process mining, which often resulted in time-consuming or even failed process transformation initiatives.

While an increasing number of businesses have already implemented process modeling and mining, the vast majority continue to do so in isolation, which still brings about unsatisfactory results.

Register for the upcoming webinar on September 22 and find out more about how process modeling and mining can be combined to achieve true process transformation. Join Martin Scheid and Tebogo Mokgomogane from Software AG as they demonstrate why Process Modelling and Mining work better together.

Gerrit Franssen, Program Leader BPM-WLM, will also showcase how the Belgian Public Prosecution Service is using both technologies to achieve process transformation.

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ARIS premium services

Ready to thrive with ARIS SaaS? Explore the ARIS premium services and level up your transformation experience to stay at the forefront of your industry. Whether it be guiding you through service releases to enable the quick adoption of new features and capabilities or supporting your teams with technical and operational services requests, so you can focus on your business objectives—we’ve got you covered.

With ARIS Premium Services, you are getting additional expertise and support to ensure your long-term success. Receive expert application-level services and make the most of your ARIS solutions and configurations with proactive support and guidance.

Our experts will assist you in making the move to a fully integrated operating model that offers service desk access, configuration support, and optionally dedicated experts that can offer guidance and help with product adoption and long-term planning. This dedicated support team works directly with your internal ARIS team to provide you with on-demand access to experts whenever you need it.

In a nutshell, here is what you can expect:

  • Coaching from a dedicated ARIS Value Engineer
  • ARIS configurations fully supported by Software AG experts
  • End-to-end release management and guidance of ARIS upgrades
  • Operational service requests for ARIS administration and user support
  • Dedicated Service Manager and Professional Services support team
  • On-demand access to experts to enable rapid adoption of product capabilities
  • Single point of contact for everything related to your application

Accelerate results

Webinar: TM Forum’s eTOM and ARIS–accelerate your business transformation

CSPs are currently undergoing massive business transformations. The rise of new technologies like 5G, AI/ML, IoT, and cloud forces CSPs to continuously invest in modern technologies.

The backbone of effective business transformation is a company's business processes. Businesses gain a critical competitive edge by being able to adapt to them quickly and flexibly.

The TM Forum is a global industry association for service providers and their suppliers in the telecommunications sector. It provides an open, collaborative environment to help its members with tools, frameworks, and information in their transformation initiatives. They provide the Business Process Framework eTOM as a hierarchical classification scheme with descriptions of the key business processes required to run a service-focused business.

This eTOM framework is available as an accelerator package in ARIS for free download. After being imported into your ARIS instance, it is ready to use immediately.

Your speakers are:

  • Levent Gürsel, Enterprise Architect at Turk Telekom
  • Alfred Anaya-Dubernard, Director Conformance Certification and Digital Maturity Services, TM Forum
  • Jos Grond, Global Industry Leader, Software AG

Learn in this webinar how eTOM and ARIS work together and how they can help you accelerate your business transformation.

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Keep it simple – the easy way to BPM

Do you want your company to be more efficient but you don’t know where to start? Business process management (BPM) allows you to get a closer look into your organization and understand how things work. This deep dive will enable you to find ways to improve the way you run your business. In the end, it will save you time and resources. But where to start?

Your process optimization journey can be driven by an individual trigger, e.g. a quality certification (such as ISO9001) or because you are using a software tool that no longer meets your needs or is difficult to manage. No matter where you come from, BPM usually begins with the design or documentation of your existing business processes. And choosing the right tool for your BPM initiative can be critical. You want your employees to feel comfortable with it, to adopt it - and you want an intuitive tool that meets all your needs but is not too expensive. The good news: BPM projects are not difficult to start. All you need is a free trial of ARIS Basic to get started!

ARIS Basic is our starter edition for BPM beginners. You can start immediately without having any process modeling skills. You will work with an intuitive user interface that is clean and user-friendly, offering all the essential features that you need to get started and achieve fast results.

Sign up right away for your free 30-day trial to experience ARIS Basic for yourself!

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ARIS Process Mining solution: loan application

Utilize the ARIS Process Mining solution for loan applications in retail banking to accelerate time to value (developed by Consulta). This industry-agnostic solution supports your end-to-end process analysis and provides you with a crystal-clear, understandable view of how your loan application process operates in reality.

Spot bottlenecks, examine risks as well as potential losses, see which activities take longer, understand your performance in general and improve it. The solution focuses on process cycle times, key information about the applicants or applications, approval performance, and clearly presents the throughput times between the stages.

Start and accelerate your process mining journey with the free retail loan application solution.

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Sharing our passion for processes

Celebrate 30 years of ARIS and 30 years of passion for processes with us. If you haven't noticed that ARIS turned 30 this year then you might have missed the celebrations we had in May, the birthday video, and the wonderful birthday wishes we got from people all around the world.

For three decades, ARIS has been the market-leading business process analysis (BPA) solution and a pioneer when it comes to innovations like process mining or combining BPA with risk and compliance management. It is our experience, the combination of solutions and, above all, the passion for what we do that makes us so special and distinguishes us from our competitors.

30 years of ARIS is something very special and worth celebrating in a big way, as we are not only celebrating the product, the employees, and everyone who makes the product what it is, but also the great community and our loyal customers. THANK YOU!

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Customer success story: CENIBRA

Increasing market demand paired with IT systems in need of modernization made it clear that CENIBRA had to upgrade its long-used SAP ERP applications to SAP S/4HANA.

ARIS Enterprise and the extension for SAP® Solutions guided CENIBRA safely through the SAP migration and efficiently aligned its processes with the new SAP S/4HANA architecture.

ARIS integrated everything seamlessly and is now the future of operational excellence in CENIBRA’s sustainable enterprise.

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