Meet the New ARIS 10 SR20 features

We are all facing challenging times. It’s more important than ever to grow with these challenges. To guide your organization in the right direction, you need to identify insights that can help you improve today, develop a plan for the future of your business and then deliver on (and benefit from) that plan. This is what ARIS can do for you – a true transformation suite.

We’ve just launched the new release of our ARIS suite (version 10 Service Release 20) with many new features and capabilities that help you build resilience, drive productivity and manage risks better than ever before. In this new release, you can expect:

  1. A new level of integration: Now you can show your process mining data in the ARIS portal to help process owners to take data-based decisions.
  2. An improved UX: Documents like Operating Procedures can now be easier maintained in your single source of truth.
  3. Better analysis: With the new release, you can better analyze dependencies in your business architecture by connecting the right dots with a better repository search. Why? For instance, to learn about the impact of a supply stoppage.

And there is so much more. Learn about this exciting release in the release webinar (available on demand), the overview presentation, the fact sheet, and of course in this newsletter.

In this issue

Top 4 ARIS Process Mining enhancements in ARIS 10 SR20 that will blow your mind!

This release includes four new features that will make your life simpler in just a few clicks.

Thanks to the advanced “Process Mining Overlay”, the complete integration of ARIS BPA and Process Mining is now even more visible. This feature allows you to immediately incorporate KPIs collected from Process Mining analysis into your models, giving you additional process insights.

Continuing with the analysis in Process Mining, the latest “Code Editor” makes it much easier to generate new KPIs or dimension fields directly in the App Builder doing the calculation ad-hoc, without reloading. Furthermore, the recently integrated “Fact Tables” facilitate modeling one-to-many connections, widening our scope of analysis. And with the new “Export” function, we can finally export the Process Mining analysis data in a few clicks to be used in other tools.

If you want to know all these features in detail, do not miss this article.

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Take your process compliance to the next level

Prevent legal trouble, liability issues, and reputational damage to your company by maintaining complete control over the compliance of your processes with these new features.

With the addition of new compliance-related functionalities in this release, we have once again demonstrated how a process can be examined from three angles: modeling, process mining, and risk and compliance, thanks to the fully integrated ARIS suite. To do that, we've shown how to create rule checks, how to combine rule checks and conformance analysis, and finally how to develop triggers that, if a problem is discovered in the process because the conformance was not met, create an automatic action in Risk & Compliance.


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Improved search and document handling

ARIS 10 SR20 includes new workflows that make it easier to find and update process-related content or documents.

The new release brings many improvements that make searching the ARIS repository much easier. For example, you can limit search results to certain conditions in advance or easily investigate in which different contexts an object is used. You would like to learn more?

Find description of the new feature here

But the new search functionalities are not only available for process-related content, but also for documents in the ARIS document storage. In addition to the improved search, however, there are also enhanced functions for uploading and updating documents, which are key if your document storage grows and becomes messy.


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Extended variant management

Create variants and roll out changes to selected variants with one single action, including all assigned diagrams.

Processes are often described using Function Allocation Diagrams to collect additional information. Then functions and process steps can be described via subprocesses at a more detailed level. But all these different diagrams belong together.

The creation of variants as well as the rollout of changes in the master model into selected variants can now be triggered with one single action, including all assigned diagrams like Function Allocation Diagrams and BPMN subprocesses.

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Improved ARIS Extensions - Risk & Compliance and SAP® Solutions

Extended functionality and improved usability for better performance and greater user acceptance in ARIS Extensions.

The ARIS Extensions provide valuable functionality for the support of certain use cases. Great usability and performance are key for you to reach your project goals faster and easier.

With the new release, we provide new features for the ARIS Extension for Risk & Compliance like:

  • Extended risk assessments
  • Method extensions
  • New report and dashboards

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The ARIS Extensions for SAP Solutions was also improved with new features including:

  • Format transfer in synchronization
  • Easier creation of definition copies
  • Improved synchronization wizard
  • Easier user access to SAP Enable Now

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New ARIS App Generator

Build your own apps in-product out of ARIS models using the ARIS App Generator provided together with partner imendos.

Together with our partner imendos, we now offer a new ARIS App Generator. It enables you to build your own apps out of ARIS BPA. It uses the integrated modeling capabilities to define all aspects of the formulas which are then deployed on the App Generator server.

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