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Turn disruptive change into disruptive opportunity with the right solution for EA and strategic portfolio management.

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What’s new in Alfabet: Strategic Portfolio Management Reloaded

Learn what next generation SPM means to Software AG and how Alfabet provides the basis for continuing your digital transformation journey at the pace global markets require.

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Make the best IT investment decisions by understanding when, where, how and why to make changes. Using Software AG’s Alfabet, you can link the interdependent perspectives of IT, business, finance and risk for a full analysis of how IT can support business change.

IT Portfolio Management

Optimize portfolios and incorporate them into a strategy formulation – and assess the impact of change.

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Strategic IT Planning

Collaboratively plan and prioritize investments considering multiple perspectives.

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EA Management

Build the necessary foundation with an accurate, real-time picture of the IT landscape.

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Make decisions on what needs to change; act on business strategy; and manage your IT in real-time.

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The Alfabet roadmap is based on the conviction that best product value will be derived from the quality of the insights delivered.

See firsthand why Alfabet is the #1 tool for transforming your IT strategy and driving business growth through an optimized IT portfolio, reduced costs, accelerated cloud migration and improved resiliency.

Manage IT costs to secure business innovation in times of crisis

Presenter:​ Daniel Haack, Principal Solutions Architect

When crisis hits, the immediate response is to reduce spending – all spending. Short-sighted, indiscriminate cost-cutting can harm the organization in the long-run. By identifying precisely where to reduce or increase budget in heated situations, you can ensure continued funding for business areas critical to long-term market success.

Plan cloud migration to make your IT resilient and innovation-ready

Presenter:​ Andre Prigge, Director, Strategic Solutions

Eighty percent of organizations underestimate cloud migration costs by 50% - greatly reducing the desired cost advantage of those cloud initiatives A reliable plan that synchronizes your IT portfolios with your cloud strategy can accelerate cloud migration projects by 33% and reduce migration costs by 40%.

Manage business and IT innovation from idea to execution

Presenter:​ Danilo Kirschner, Principal Solutions Architect

Enabling your organization to embrace and drive agile business innovation requires alignment of business and IT strategy, collaborative planning, and vetted execution roadmaps. See how an agile approach for business demand evaluation and budget planning, and a hybrid execution framework helps you with efficient and effective project and product delivery.

Plan your IT transformation from big picture to precise points of interest

Presenter:​ Daniel Haack, Principal Solutions Architect

Getting the best value out of your IT portfolio is directly related to the quality of the insights it can deliver - determined by the range of stakeholders engaging with your EA and portfolio management program. Help them understand transformation without getting lost in the details with the right visual representations.

Deliver on initiatives for sustainability in IT

Presenter:​ Corina Weber, Director, Product Marketing

Sustainability is disrupting all industries, compelling organizations to act quickly and responsibly. Enterprise architecture and strategic portfolio management are essential for operationalizing on the corporate sustainability strategy for energy reduction and efficiency in IT, sustainability governance and efficient reporting.

Protect your business with EA-based risk management

Presenter:​ Andre Prigge, Director, Strategic Solutions

Innovative digital business technologies open consumers and businesses to new risks such as identity theft and cyber attacks. Security and risk management are key to protecting your business. EA and portfolio management repositories should be leveraged to assess threats, identify risks, propose mitigations, and define mitigation strategies.

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