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Plan for peak e-commerce traffic with responsive solutions that scale

The busiest online shopping days of the year tend to be when customers have the least patience for slow websites. How can you prepare to meet the demands of these critical shopping days without massively overbuilding your Web infrastructure?

Software AG’s E-commerce Acceleration solution takes the most efficient approach to building a resilient site. Read the solution brief to learn how in-memory storage provides a scalable and elastic solution to unpredictable Web traffic.

With the E-commerce Acceleration solution, you can serve customers looking for the deals you offer, on any day, without lag. It doesn’t require investment in more back-end server capacity, and it’s a snap to install without overhauling all your existing systems.

Read the solution brief, “Accelerating E-commerce to Delight Customers,” to learn how your business can scale e-commerce affordably and effectively.


Learn more about winning retail in an Omni-Channel world.

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