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Check out Cumulocity IoT in action and see first-hand how simple digital transformation can be with our leading IoT/IIoT platform. Our no code/low code platform lets you do things like device management, data visualization, analytic modeling, process automation and so much more, in hours, not days, weeks or months. Best of all, you can do it anywhere, any time! Our platform can run in our SaaS environment, a dedicated cloud, in your private cloud, on-prem and even at the edge!



Customer Success Stories

IoT keeps heavy industry safe and sound

FGR can now collect and analyze critical data from truly connected mines and factories with the use of Cumulocity IoT and its component analytics tools. That data has measurable value in terms of safety, quality and time savings across industries.




Gardner Denver increases the performance of its machinery

Cumulocity IoT allows Gardner Denver to successfully offer its IoT-powered condition monitoring service to its global customers through its extensive network of distribution and service partners. Proactively monitoring equipment, identifying faults and sharing that
information in real time with partners.



Converting data to dollars

PRAB uses the Cumulocity IoT platform to connect equipment at customer sites. By collecting live data on conditions like temperature and vibration, PRAB can proactively show customers how equipment is performing, how to prevent downtime, how to improve ROI, and what maintenance is needed to avoid service trips.






By teaming up with Cumulocity IoT we can now use IoT—along with our deep knowledge of a diverse range of industry systems—to give our customers the ability to turn their data into value."

- Paul Guillott, Vice President,
FGR Automation


Everyone I've worked with at Software AG has been really knowledgeable and very helpful. More than that, I really feel like they feel invested in our success and that really comes through when working with them."

- Mike Proos, Director of Engineering, PRAB Inc

Gardner Denver

Cumulocity allows us to provide a uniquely branded, secure IoT platform monitoring solution to each of our compressor distributors and service partners. This allows them to offer a high-quality, real-time monitoring solution to their customers."

- Sia Abbaszadeh, VP, Global Marketing and Technology, Gardner Denver

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