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Connect and streamline ordering, processing and delivery of purchases through any channel

The world of omni-channel commerce can be complex. Not only are there multiple customer channels to manage and different inventory sources, but each piece of your ecosystem comes with its own software tools. It's impossible to deliver a seamless experience when your systems are siloed.

The new solution brief from Software AG shows how you can deploy an omni-channel orchestration solution to connect, enable and streamline customer interactions through any channel, from ordering to processing to delivery—without replacing your existing systems.

The solution is to unite your existing tools with multi-party connectivity, bringing together all the systems involved in connecting your customers to your products, both internally and outside the company. This integration makes for a seamless customer experience and helps protect your margins.

Download the solution brief, “Orchestrating for Retail Success in an Omni-Channel World,” to orchestrate the complex world of omni-channel operations.


Learn more about winning retail in an Omni-Channel world here.

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