Adabas & Natural on the cloud webinar! Explore the journey

Did you know Adabas & Natural applications can run virtually anywhere? Even the cloud? Yes, you too can take advantage of the cloud promise of speed, reliability, global scale and performance! Explore why you should think about running your Adabas & Natural applications in the cloud and the options for getting there. From virtual machines to containers, we can help you find the right path for your organization.

Adabas & Natural are cloud ready. Are you?

Join this webinar to see a demonstration of Adabas & Natural running in the cloud, and explore:

  • How cloud can be part of your Adabas & Natural 2050+ strategy
  • The advantages of Linux, virtualization and the cloud
  • The difference between on-premises architectures and the cloud
  • Why “lift & shift” is the fast path to the cloud
  • How to leverage containers and Kubernetes by re-architecting your applications