Webinar: Software AG’s API Developer Portal (& Why It’s Better Than Yours)

Part 3 of the “Improving the API Developer Experience” Series

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No matter how well-built your APIs they won’t make your API Program a success. For that to happen they MUST be paired with a great portal that consistently delivers a superior developer experience.

Watch this brief deep dive to see how these two work together. Sivaraj Lenin, Sr. Product Manager, API Management, explains how critical a Dev Portal is to fueling API adoption and why yours is missing the mark. He also demonstrates how Software AG’s Developer Portal is better because it:

  • Makes finding and consuming APIs easier.
  • Creates a seamless experience for sharing APIs (via tool integrations).
  • Gives API Product Owners unmatched analytical capabilities shared through user-friendly dashboards.

Furthermore, Sivaraj reviews tips and best practices for building great developer portals.