Webinar: API Security: Preventing Vulnerabilities and Attacks

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How vulnerable are your organization’s APIs? We’ve all begun to witness the tremendous business value potential that APIs bring, and how they can open up lucrative new opportunities for many organizations. Yet with this new technology shift, comes a range of security challenges to data privacy and security that can leave organizations vulnerable to threats. It has become critical to employ a solution that is proactive against API and security vulnerabilities, provides visibility and discovery of all APIs, and is powerful enough to stop API attacks in real-time.

That’s why Software AG has partnered with Salt Security – to enhance its API security offering and provide a comprehensive approach to stopping attacks before they can cause harm.

In this webinar you’ll hear from the experts at Salt Security and Software AG and discover how to:

  • Gain a complete view of an API attack surface, analyze API behavior and detect threats
  • Establish critical runtime defenses for immediate protection using a combination of AI/ML algorithms and defined policies
  • Prevent compliance and data governance violations with automated exposure analysis
  • Identify risks and initiate remediation tasks enriched with actionable insights for development and security teams