Webinar: 5 Ways Companies are Modernizing with APIs and Microservices

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As competition heats up for the best, most dynamic customer experience, businesses are seeing the need for agility.  Connected customers expect products to be available in multiple secure channels. In order to meet strategic growth targets, you need to take on innovative projects without affecting systems that deliver current revenue.  And you need to be able to scale quickly to maximize the value of successful initiatives.


But many of your critical systems are inflexible packaged apps which are holding you back.  And as new cloud systems come online, the resource load on IT increases, extending the timeline for essential modernization.


Some companies have tackled these issues by using APIs to unlock data and services, and microservices for scalability and modular development.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Customer expectations and new technologies that are driving the need for change.
  • What several industry leaders have accomplished with APIs and microservices.
  • How to increase agility by modernizing in line with business priorities.

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