Webinar: A Deep-dive into the ARIS 10 SR16 Release: Unfold the Value of Change

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  • Josèphe Blondaut, Head of ARIS Product Marketing
  • Dominik Vanderhaeghen, Head of ARIS Product Management

Agility and smooth processes are at the heart of every successful business and—as a result—at the heart of every successful transformation. ARIS has proven for many years that it is the perfect tool to support your business transformation projects with its unique capabilities for business process analysis and process mining! A new wave of innovations is now available in its latest release.

In this webinar you will learn all details about the new features and functions of the new ARIS 10 SR16 release along with a use case of how it supports hybrid working.

The business world will be busy finding the right solutions for hybrid working for quite a while. Every circumstance is different and requires different views and needs. 

First and foremost, companies must know their processes, be able to adapt them quickly and be flexible enough to handle process variants. Eventually, it is crucial that new working procedures and guidelines are received by all employees in a language they understand. Only then you can be sure that people handle them the right way.

The new ARIS 10 SR16 is designed with all these needs in mind—to best support you in all your transformation projects.

Highlights include new process mining features like the new Root Cause Miner that helps you to easier find bottle necks. Another is variant management, which helps you better handle different procedures. The new interface for automatic translation services and a re-designed landing page along with many other usability improvements are the foundation for fast roll-out and user commitment.