Webinar: A Deep Dive into the ARIS 10 SR20 Release

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This year we celebrate 30 years of ARIS–30 years of passion for processes. And we also provide great new innovations with this year’s second feature release ARIS 10 SR20 to help you achieve operational excellence.

ARIS is the only tool offering a true integration between process mining and process design which makes it uniquely able to handle the complete process improvement lifecycle. It translates a strategy into an operating model even with an adapted business model in a short time. It offers dedicated information and inclusion of all stakeholders on a flexible, collaborative platform.

Some highlights of the new release are:

  • Enhancements for Process Mining, like better integration with Risk & Compliance
  • Improved variant management
  • Better UI and administration in ARIS Basic and Advanced

In this webinar you will learn all details about the new features and functions of the new ARIS 10 SR20 release.