Webinar: Your Processes Help Make the World a Better Place

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Sustainability is at the heart of every business impacting multiple areas: from brand reputation to innovation, to investor returns and revenues, to maintaining standards in a thriving business. Sustainability is the new normal. And it is disrupting the economy just like digital before it.

As a business leader, this new normal can be daunting. No matter your industry, location or jurisdiction, the coming years will bring a growing number of regulations, policies and standards, influencing many facets of your business.

Failure to comply with regulations would result in severe penalties. Failure to comply with customers, investors and employees’ expectations will bring high costs, too. So how do you handle these challenges and make sure you are on the right sustainability path?

In this webinar, together with sustainability experts from bgood collective, you’ll learn how to approach all these while anchoring sustainability in your organization’s operations.

See how the new ARIS for sustainability supports: Put processes at the very heart of your sustainability strategy, while significantly easing the burden of compliance. 

  • Transparency: Structure sustainability initiatives from strategy to operations, map detailed actions and ESG goals
  • Control: Effectively govern process execution, employee engagement, change management and compliance.
  • Accountability: Report on initiatives and progress and benefit from access to data-driven insights to show full accountability and gain stakeholders’ trust.

Sustainability becomes real as soon as it is anchored in your business operations.