The Art of Automating Processes without "Dying in the Attempt"

Duration: 60 Minutes

Is process automation causing you distress? We have the remedy you’ve been searching for.

Automation has become a buzzword in today's fast-paced world, promising increased efficiency and productivity. However, the key to successful automation lies in automating "right".

During our upcoming webinar, we will dive into the strategic realm of automation and provide you with valuable insights to help you prioritize and optimize your automation efforts. Discover how automation can revolutionize the way you work and offer you the freedom to focus on more meaningful and impactful activities.

By joining us, you’ll:

  • Learn the pitfalls often encountered in process automation.
  • Discover how to identify processes and activities best suited for automation.
  • Get real-life examples of successful automation implementations.
  • Adopt best practices for your automation projects.
  • Gain tips on maintaining automated systems to ensure long-term success.

This isn’t just a webinar; it’s your chance to interact, ask questions, and draw inspiration from others who have successfully solved their process automation headaches.

Martin Scheid from Software AG is our authority on process automation, and he will guide you through this webinar. He will share all his tips and tricks to automate everything “right”.

Martin Scheid
Product Manager, Software AG

Martin Scheid is an accomplished Product Manager with extensive knowledge and experience in Business Process Management and AI. As a Product Manager for ARIS, he is committed to the success of ARIS Process Mining, ARIS Automation, ARIS Simulation. Prior to that, he worked as a Researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and has gained experience as a Lecturer for Business Process Management.