Webinar: Take Your B2B to the Cloud

Learn how to simplify partner & supplier integration

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The way the world does business has changed, and with it comes a new, modern approach to B2B. In this webinar, you’ll discover how you can simplify the complexity of doing business with B2B integration in the cloud; learn how you can automate B2B processes end-to-end, from back-office ERP applications to partner systems using standards (new and old); and see how to eliminate costly delays as you work in real time with your trading partners, and easily share documents in the cloud while keeping everything in sync with APIs.

At Software AG, we’ve been taking B2B to an entirely new level, so please join John Wilson, Senior Product Manager for Software AG as he demonstrates the latest webMethods.io B2B innovations, such as:

  • Using APIs as a communication channel
  • Getting a 360-degree view of partner profiles
  • Onboarding partners faster with the Trading Partner Portal

Watch and learn how to modernize your B2B in the cloud!