Webinar: Key Challenges for Banks in 2023

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This webinar looks at the key challenges the banking industry will face in 2023 in business transformation and operational excellence, and share how to apply current trends that are already being used by banking industry leaders to solve these challenges.

What keeps process and risk managers in banks awake at night? What are the requirements for 2023 and beyond? What is the impact of the digital and sustainable transformation on banking processes? Which best practices can be applied to be ready for an uncertain future?

In times like these with rising interest and inflation rates, competitive pressures, and ongoing changes in customer requirements, process management is at the core of achieving operational excellence, adhering to regulations, and transforming towards compliance and sustainability.

In this webinar, together with industry experts from Emirates NBD Group and Nationwide, we share best practices, innovative ideas, and recommendations that are relevant for the entire industry. We will reflect on what works well, and we will look ahead at the new bank  challenges change and risk management face and how to tackle them.