Webinar: Luxembourg Administration achieves Operational Excellence through agile app development

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Process automation is a core component of successful digitalization and operational excellence. However, the requirements change so quickly with IT projects hitting brick walls. What’s needed? Lean agility.

Business users get that lean agility in a model-based, no-code approach to rapidly develop new solutions that transform business processes and meet ever-changing customer needs.

What if you could use the ARIS environment to describe the requirements of an application from a business perspective? What if you could enable businesspeople to address various application use cases without needing pro developer support?

The great advantage is usually scarce resources of IT departments can be expanded by employees from business departments/citizen experts. Processes of low-to-moderate complexity can be automated easier and quicker using prefabricated building blocks.

Watch this webinar with our guest speakers Ludwig Balmer, Head of IT, Centre de gestion du personnel et de l’organisation de l’Etat (Luxembourg Government Administration), Tanguy Petre, CEO, iMendos and Dr. Helge Hess, SVP, Software AG to see how this approach was successfully implemented.