Business Process Management:

Get Ready to Groove to Success in 2024!

Duration: 60 minutes

Hey, BPM Party People! 

Imagine Business Process Management (BPM) as the year-long party you've been gearing up for, just like your annual New Year's Eve bash! Wanna attract the right guests? Succeed in BPM? You need a hot mix of strategic thinking and teamwork supported by an AI-based companion to ensure you have the best celebration to ring in 2024. We've got three perfect party planners who might not always agree, but they're here to ensure a fantastic BPM celebration: 

  • Bringing the Party: Hype Man Eric – He will help you strengthen your operational capabilities for resilience, just like your uncle's dance moves at the New Year's Eve party. Embrace change with sick moves, and you'll keep the BPM rhythm going strong. 
  • Bringing the Eats: Chef Caspar: Like a chef perfecting their signature dish, Chef Caspar knows that a well-cooked BPM maturity model adds depth to your strategy. Spice up the party with the perfect nosh. 
  • Bringing the Beats: DJ J-M: J-M's here to set the BPM rhythm with the "Center of Excellence." He'll get everyone moving to the same beat, making sure the BPM party is a hit. 

Let's drop the ball into 2024 with some BPM magic!

But wait, there's more! Join our webinar and discover how you can win an exclusive invitation to a party next year, celebrating your BPM success in style! 

J-M Erlendson | LinkedIn
Transformation Engineering Lead, Software AG

J-M Erlendson is a Lead Business/Process Transformation Engineer and Project Manager with over 15 years of experience in Business Process Management and Project Management, helping clients develop and implement business process framework strategy and execute process documentation and improvement projects.

Erik Roovers | LinkedIn
Vice President, Head of Business Transformation EMEA, Software AG

Since 2015, Eric has led Software AG's Business Transformation practice in the EMEA region. With 20 years of experience in process management consulting and business development, Eric brings a combination of deep market and technology knowledge to the table.

Caspar Jans | LinkedIn
Senior Director Business Transformation EMEA, Software AG

Seasoned BPM and OpEx practitioner with 20 years of industry experience (manufacturing, logistics, procurement and change management). Recognized as Top 50 global thought leader on OpEx 2023 by PEX Network.