Start Fast, Scale Easily – Buy & Build with Cumulocity IoT & AWS

Duration: 60 minutes

Join Cumulocity IoT, AWS, and Henny Penny to learn about a better were to development IoT solutions for smart equipment that starts fast, scales easily, and allows you to evolve with your customers.

For manufacturers of industrial, commercial, and medical equipment and instrumentation, having a good physical product is no longer enough. The era of make, sell, ship is over. To thrive in this new era, OEMs must offer connected products that integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver a better customer experience.

Join Cumulocity IoT, AWS and Henny Penny as we discuss best practices for machinery manufacturers looking to development Smart Equipment. We will review the implications of the decision buy vs. build an IoT platform, the challenges inherent to scaling up from a pilot to global deployment, and how to decide on the most beneficial digital services to offer for your customers.

Bryan O’Flaherty
Head of Industrial IoT Worldwide GTM, Amazon Web Services

Amir Pasdar
Senior Manager Intelligent Connected Solutions, Henny Penny

Adrian Valenzuela
Senior IoT Specialist, Cumulocity IoT

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn about the benefits of taking a buy and build approach to IoT development
  • Discover how makers of industrial, commercial, and medical equipment are advancing along the IoT maturity curve
  • Hear a customer success story highlighting the critical factors for a successful deployment