Webinar: Empowering the Customer Digital Experience

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IDC data shows that returns on Digital Transformation programs in 2021 showed significant increases in areas such as business agility, innovation, operational efficiency, sustainability, and revenue. Whilst these are positive steps in the right direction, other areas, such as customer satisfaction, less time to market, and employee productivity, saw lower levels of improvement. Correspondingly organizations now, according to a June study in Asia Pacific, indicate data is being used to focus on business operations, customer experience, and workplace transformation. 

Here in Asia Pacific, the ability for organizations to capitalize on the data across the organization lags other parts of the world, in part due to people, but also due to process. Attitudes towards data are changing. There is a cultural realization that data needs to get to where the decision is made – decision-making needs to be decentralized in this mobile cloud world where we and our customers exist today.

With a technical environment that spans from the Edge to the Cloud, where data exists on-premise in legacy systems as well as on IoT devices at the edge with cloud partners and even with business partners; there needs to be a rethink about the architecture of processes that manage systems and assist to efficiently operationalize, efficiently, the investments that are being made.

What is needed is an architectural approach that can be the backbone of the Digital Business to bring not just data, but processes together to address the new demands of the Digital First Business Model, helping organizations more efficiently operate, and in turn, more effectively serve the ever-growing demands of their customers.

Program Speaker

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Simon Piff, VP, Asia Pacific, IDC

After almost 30 years in the AP IT scene there are very few areas Simon has not spent some time working within – be it cloud computing, business intelligence, datacentre management, security and automation. From building ISP's in the 90's to explaining distributed ledger technologies in the 2019, he has always been across the leading edge of technology innovation and implementation across the AP region.

Always with a keen eye on how IT brings value to business leaders, Simon is able to articulate the key messages around these technological areas need to be modernised for the Future Enterprise, the value they bring and some sound advice on next steps for technology practitioners and the C-Suite alike.

Currently running the Future of Digital Infrastructure research program for IDC Asia Pacific, the topics of data management, security, cloud architectures as well as the more physical storage, compute and network layers all fall under his remit.

Education/Industry Accomplishments

  • Master of Business Administration from Southern Cross University
  • Frequent keynote speaker in industry conferences on the topics of Future of Work, Digital Transformation, The CIO Agenda and Digital Trust