Webinar: Customer Journey Maps Reimaged – with ARIS and CUBES

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In today’s business world, customers are no static personas with linear customer journeys. Customers are human natures that want to interact. So why should you only wait for your customers feedback? The time has come to engage, interact and deploy with your customers during the whole process. Customer Journey Maps in ARIS provide a great illustration of customer interaction with your enterprise from different angles. The integration with CUBES allows you to make these maps even more interactive by involving your customers in the development and enhancement of their journey.

Watch this webinar and see how to:

  • create interactive and progressive Customer Journey Maps based on ARIS and CUBES,
  • allow your customers to interact and provide feedback during each stage of the customer journey – directly from their mobile device,
  • learn how to design your survey in CUBES, collect the feedback and check the results on ARIS reflected on your customer journey map and
  • make Customer Experience Management interactive, simple and live!