Webinar: Creating a Great Dev Experience Beyond the Portal

Part 2 of the “Improving the API Developer Experience” Series

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You likely already understand the value of deliberately designing end-user experiences. But when it comes to offering APIs to your partners and developers, are you putting out the welcome mat at the wide-open front door? Or forcing them to shove their way through the shabby side entrance?

In this webcast Dr. Matthias Biehl, Software AG’s Digital Evangelist for APIs/Integration, explores the multiplier effect developers have on any digital strategy attempting to create a platform business, participate in digital ecosystems or offer APIs as products.

You’ll also learn many other reasons your developers require a superior experience, as well as how to provide it via:

  • Consistent API portfolios
  • Self-service developer portals

At the end of the session, be sure to stick around to ask questions specific to your organization’s needs and have them answered by Dr. Biehl.