Driving Sustainability with BPM and Process Mining

No one can escape the sustainability imperative - regardless of industry and company size. The number of unavoidable ESG guidelines, regulations, laws, and sets of rules will increase from year to year. This can quickly become confusing and overwhelming, and a small mistake can become very expensive for you. But don't worry; it needn't get that bad.

To achieve your sustainability goals, you need to identify the relevant processes and transform them to deliver better and, most importantly, provable results. The secret to such a business transformation lies in an integrated solution that combines process modeling, mining, risk and compliance - as Encevo does. In this session, together with industry expert Jan Ricken from Encevo we demonstrate, how to:

  • create and connect your ESG strategy with your operations
  • benefit from an integrated approach
  • increase efficiency while ensuring compliance with regulations

Find out how to anchor ESG to the very core of your operations and bring your sustainability goals to life.

Jan Ricken
Head of Group Organization & Process Excellence at Encevo

Jan is in charge of operational excellence standards (BPM, Project Management, Data & Data Privacy and CSR/ESG) for the Encevo Group. Jan has more than 20 years of experience in BPM and is driving these standards to increase maturity of the organisation and finally boost efficiency whilst ensuring effectiveness and perfect alignment with Encevo Group Strategy.

Josèphe Blondaut
Head of ARIS Product Marketing at Software AG

Josèphe Blondaut leads the global ARIS Marketing activities of Software AG. With her team, she drives global ARIS campaigns and communications around Operational Excellence and Process Mining while advocating the role of ARIS to support business transformation for a better tomorrow. She thrives for sustainability in her private and business life and is certified by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.