Best practices for overcoming challenges in the energy industry

Energy is so hot right now. Electric vehicles, decarbonization, and extreme weather events are challenging the reliability and resilience of the power grid. As power sources become more diverse and distributed and cyberattacks on critical infrastructure are becoming more common, providing reliable, sustainable energy is becoming more and more difficult.

But what's best path for you to thrive in this world of energy uncertainty?

In this webinar together with industry experts from Petronas, we share best practices, big ideas, and recommendations to help the entire industry. Learn why process optimization is a top priority to improve customer engagement, drive transformation, and ensure compliance.

Learn how to:

  • Reduce costs by increasing efficiency in all areas of the value chain
  • Ensure an efficient, transparent, and agile supply chain to remain resilient in the face of disruption
  • Lower carbon emissions through sustainable business processes

Featured Speakers:

  • Juliana Bt Johari, Senior Manager Organizational Improvement, Petronas
  • Michiel Jorna, Director Transformation Solutions, Asia Pacific & Japan, Software AG