How enterprise architecture makes IT the driver of your sustainability strategy

Duration: 40 Minutes

Consumers, governments, regulators, employees and investors - all are increasing pressure on commercial and public enterprises for greater sustainability in conducting business. Meeting the demands of a sustainable economy and regulatory controls means reshaping products, organizations, and even entire industries. Yes - great effort is required but opportunities await in the form of innovation, new markets, and significant cost savings.

Your IT plays an integral role in transforming your company’s operating and business models – and the green IT portfolios that support them - to meet its sustainability objectives. And only enterprise architecture (EA) gives you that clear line of sight from strategy to the IT landscape to determine the needed changes and their impact. Join our webinar to find out how to use EA and strategic portfolio management to operationalize on and monitor execution of your corporate sustainability strategy. See our Alfabet software tool in action and learn how to build a sustainable green IT portfolio that enables your company to meet stakeholder expectations and maintain its competitive edge.

Corina Weber

Director Product Marketing, Software AG

Johannes Rotheut

Senior Manager Alfabet Solutions, Software AG