ERP and Integration Trends: Super iPaaS Solves Evolving Business Needs

Duration: 33 minutes

As we navigate the data and AI revolutions, it’s essential that foundational technologies evolve to support continuous business value creation. From data management to enterprise integration, organizations must further align systems of record and systems of action. Today, ERP modernization is not just about the technology itself but the broader approach toward orchestration and automation. A Super iPaaS brings together application and data integration, across hybrid cloud, going well beyond a traditional integration platform to meet the modern business’s evolving needs.


  • As organizations create and collect vast amounts of data, they need a comprehensive approach to access, integrate, and analyze it effectively
  • Data and AI are substantial assets for enterprises; data quality and generative AI are critical to utilize at all operational levels
  • More systems, more applications, more partners mean more need for connecting everything to create business value
  • Leveraging cutting-edge tech like AI alongside legacy ERP requires thoughtful vision and execution.

Join our webinar:

  • Learn how to address the chaos of connectivity stemming from the explosive growth in data volume, SaaS app usage, API sprawl, and partner ecosystems
  • Explore integration technologies for modernizing ERP systems to implement rapid connectivity to anything, anywhere, any way you want
  • Discover strategies for organizations to streamline processes, improve data accuracy, and enhance operational efficiency.

Robert Kramer
VP & Principal Analyst,
Moor Insights & Strategy

Alexis Peschiera
Sr. Director, Product Marketing, webMethods Integration & API, Software AG