Navigate ESG challenges with confidence

Why your business processes are your key to success

Duration: 45 Minutes

Governments all around the globe are passing legislation and signing regulations that impose stricter ESG management in the name of positive causes – to protect our environment, aid in the fight against climate change, and improve living conditions for the world’s population.

But how can you be certain that your business is keeping up with ESG pressure? And how can you enable and improve sustainability initiatives?

Explore global insights from sustainability experts from Ernst & Young (EY) on some of the key ESG challenges organizations face and understand the vital role of data as a single version of truth for non-financial reporting to create long term value for organizations. Learn how processes can help your organization face these challenges with confidence.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Understand the role business processes and data play in ESG reporting (non-financial reporting)
  • Have an overview of relevant challenges and applicable reporting standards
  • Gain insight into ESG roadmaps adopted by leading companies across the globe
  • Be able to address these challenges while evaluating and tracking your business practices
  • Discover new ways to prove compliance with regulations (financial duties and reporting requirements) and avoid risks

Explore the key aspects of ESG and how your organization can integrate it into its strategy. ESG will no longer be a peripheral concern but a core business imperative.

Nitesh Mehrotra
EY Partner, Consulting (Sustainability & ESG)

Nitesh has been advising global enterprises on ESG framework, business led approach to accelerate ESG goals & targets and co-developing enablers to embed sustainability values within culture & values of the organization. Nitesh believes that Sustainability transformation needs to have the scale of Industrial revolution with speed of digital revolution to create value for all stakeholders.

Josèphe Blondaut
Head of ARIS Product Marketing, Software AG

Josèphe Blondaut leads the global ARIS Marketing activities of Software AG. With her team, she drives global ARIS campaigns and communications around Operational Excellence and Process Mining while advocating the role of ARIS to support business transformation for a better tomorrow. She thrives for sustainability in her private and business life and is certified by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.