Bloor InDetail Report: Software AG CONNX

From legacy to cloud, data integration for today’s challenges

In "Bloor InDetail: Software AG CONNX”, Bloor Research explores how Software AG’s CONNX pure-play data integration solution addresses the biggest trends in data integration today—from connecting databases and files to the cloud, to extending data to both applications and IoT-based devices and gateways.

With “a depth of understanding of mainframe and legacy resources that few, if any, other companies can match,” Software AG CONNX provides:
  • Data access to 150+ data sources
  • Data virtualization
  • Data movement including ETL, ELT and CDC

Download your free copy to see why Bloor says “if you are a legacy database user then the additional capabilities that CONNX offers, especially with respect to Snowflake integration, mean that CONNX should always be on your shortlist when it comes to data integration capabilities.”