Webinar: Inflationary Pressures Herald an Uncertain Future for Retail

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When we began to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, there was hope that things would return to normality, or something close to what we would recognise as normal. But, just as that was happening, the economy was hit with rising inflation, increasing costs, food insecurity, energy price rises and, sadly, a war in Ukraine. These all combine to make for a pretty uncertain future for retailers - and their customers. And with no end in sight, finding ways to mitigate these challenges has become the number-one priority for retailers across every sector of the industry.

Watch this webinar and hear from Andrew Busby, a top 50 retail influencer at Software AG, and Miya Knights, Owner & Publisher of Retail Technology News, for a discussion to hear how your peers are tackling these unprecedented challenges. This program covers:

  • Managing rising costs
  • Creating a stronger supply chain
  • Anticipating new consumer behaviour
Program Speakers

Miya Knights headshot.jpg
Miya Knights
Owner & Publisher, Retail Technology Magazine

Miya Knights has 25 years' experience as a retail technology analyst, editor, author and consultant. She is the owner and publisher of Retail Technology magazine and has co-authored two best-selling books about Amazon and Omnichannel Retail. She has appeared on the BBC, Channel 4, Channel Five and Euronews, and been quoted in The Telegraph, The Financial Times and The Grocer, among others, as well as regularly speaking at or moderating industry events. She was also recently recognised as 2021 Arts & Media Senior Leader by the Black British Business Awards and was named one of top retail influencers in 2022 by RETHINK Retail and the Retail Technology Innovation Hub.

Andrew Busby Headshot.jpg
Andrew Busby
Global Industry Senior Director, Software AG

Retail writer, former Forbes contributor, number one best-selling Amazon author with his book ‘Harry Was Right All Along’, Andrew is Global Retail Senior Director at Software AG and founder of Retail Reflections.

He is one of the most high-profile figures in retail – regularly recognised as a top global retail influencer, including by ReTHINK Retail and the Retail Technology Innovation Hub. Andrew is constantly in demand for both writing and speaking and is often quoted in the media – often appearing on TV, radio and in the national press.

In a retail career spanning over 20 years, Andrew held senior positions at Kingfisher and Superdrug. In addition to writing his own retail blog, Andrew is a member of the IORMA Advisory Board, a member of REAN, Advisory Board member at Retail Week, Founder of the Retail Advisory Board and is also editor at large for Retail Technology magazine.