Webinar: How to Integrate Anything Easily

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Today businesses are adopting hundreds of apps in the cloud, while core systems with critical information are still running on premises, which can potentially disrupt your business visibility and processes. With Software AG’s webMethods iPaaS, you’ll be able to strategically move to the cloud without leaving your core systems behind, whether you’re adopting SaaS applications or microservices, so you can modernize without breaking and innovate while keeping the core of your business intact. You’ll expedite delivery of new digital capabilities with an ease of use designed to satisfy a range of users from business analysts to IT specialists. 

Watch how in just a few minutes you can:

  • Easily automate business data flows between your SaaS systems
  • Utilize existing integrations against self-hosted applications
  • Enable governed self-service integrations within your organization

Watch this webinar and see how to integrate anything easily!