Intelligent Automation: Achieve Real Operational Excellence with Process Mining

Spotlight: Lead-to-Order

Duration: 60 minutes

In a world of constant digital transformation, it’s become more important than ever to focus on process and automation optimization. But where do you start, and what levers do you have to help you actually achieve your KPI targets? Fortunately, enterprises produce massive amounts of operational data from their running systems – all you need to do is get access to this data, parse and understand it, contextualize it in the business, and you’re ready to make meaningful decisions.

One great place to start is Lead-to-Order (LtO), a core End-To-End process for customer-facing organizations. The LtO process includes everything from sales to order management to delivery, much of which has a direct impact on customer experience. By leveraging process intelligence – a combination of Process Mining, AI-powered Analysis, Blueprinting, and Re-Engineering – you can measure performance, identify weak points and bottlenecks, uncover root causes, design a better process, and implement this process – actually achieving your LtO goals.

Come learn how a Process Intelligence-focused LtO solution can help you:

  • Improve cash flow, and slash LtO duration
  • Analyze low productivity, working capital and cost avoidance
  • Close business opportunities 50% faster
  • Achieve process intelligence by understanding deviations
  • Provide business intelligence

The Intelligent LtO solution includes a suite of technology products, including Software AG’s Process Intelligence Platform (ARIS) and Integration as a Service platform (webMethods.io), combined with Persistent’s deep understanding of how to approach the business and technical challenges of optimizing LtO. It takes your data, no matter where it sits, and turns it into value, helping you accelerate your journey to operational excellence.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from process experts at Software AG and Persistent and discover how to achieve intelligent automation for your organization.

J-M Erlendson
Global Evangelist, ARIS, Software AG

J-M Erlendson is an ARIS Platform expert with 15+ years of experience helping clients use ARIS to develop and implement business process improvement projects. He has worked for a variety of clients in Canada and the United States in the public sector, retail, utilities, manufacturing, lottery and gaming, telecom, and oil and gas industries. He is the co-host of the “What’s Your Baseline” podcast and a frequent speaker at international conferences.

Gopinath Bandekar
Principal Architect, Persistent Systems

Gopinath Bandekar is a Principal Architect within the Software AG Business Unit at Persistent Systems. With 28+ years of experience across diverse industries, he excels in business process consulting, enterprise architecture, ERP implementation, and application integrations and is responsible for the ARIS Solution Suite at Persistent.