Webinar: Enterprise grade IoT – Connectivity and device management at scale

Learn about the five core capabilities of enterprise grade IoT to make your IoT projects successful

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Enterprise grade IoT mini-series

When IoT plays a critical role in your business processes, and the products your customers use, you need to ensure that your IoT solution is up to the challenge—and if not, that you have a plan to improve it. Join us in this six-part webinar series as we discuss what makes an IoT Platform enterprise grade.

Join the series to learn the five core capabilities of an enterprise grade IoT solution, and how they help organizations meet and exceed expectations for performance and customer-facing services. The series will culminate in a discussion panel, including speakers sharing their firsthand experience building enterprise grade IoT solutions.

Beecham Research found that nearly 75% of IoT projects fail. Don’t be one of them!

Connectivity and device management at scale

Finding a solution that offers reliable, intuitive device management at scale is harder than it looks – every difficulty is magnified at scale. Learn how Software AG customers have used the Cumulocity IoT platform to remove complexity in connecting and managing thousands of devices, with simplified actions that easily scale to meet your needs.

Featured speakers for Connectivity and device management at scale, include:

  • Aaron Raab, Product Manager, IoT & Analytics, Software AG