Webinar: Do More with Your IoT Data

April 29, 2021 - 11:30AM EST

Webinar Speaker:

Chris Furlong
Director, Product Management, Software AG

Your Internet of Things solution can generate thousands—even millions—of data points every hour. There’s a treasure trove of insight in that data to help you understand how to operate more efficiently and optimize your customer’s experience.  

See how to turn your historical IoT data into business value in the webinar, “Do More with Your IoT Data.” Explore: 

  • Why you need real-time and historical IoT data 
  • When to hoard data (and when not to) 
  • The value of integrating BI and machine learning tools  
  • Fine-tuning processes with historical data—including real-world examples 
  • Cumulocity IoT DataHub, Software AG’s solution for historical IoT data analysis 

How can you differentiate and innovate using historical IoT data? Let’s find out, starting with this webinar. Ideal for product managers, solution architects and digital innovators. Enjoy a free copy of our white paper for attending.  

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