Small(er) but Mighty:

How SMB’s Can Harness the Power of IoT to Accelerate Growth

Duration: 60 minutes

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) keen on leveraging technology to scale, innovate, and compete, the fusion of IoT (Internet of Things) with digital transformation strategies offers unprecedented opportunities.

Join industry experts Ricky Singh, VP of IoT at Cumulocity, and Greg Hodgkinson, CTO at Prolifics, as they demystify how IoT can become the cornerstone of your evolution.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • The Power of Connectivity: understand how “giving your products a voice” drives tangible benefits and has a transformative impact on operations and bottom line, along with case studies that show IoT in action.
  • Making the Right Investment: Equipping your business for the future requires leaning into your strengths and augmenting your weaknesses. Learn how essential IoT building blocks can help accelerate time to market and return on investment.
  • How to Partner Effectively: digital transformation takes a village; learn about the ecosystem, and how Cumulocity and Prolifics can fast-track your connected journey.

Ricky Singh
Vice President, IoT Americas, Cumulocity IoT, Software AG

Ricky leads Software AG’s IoT business for the Americas region. Bringing together deep industry knowledge and business acumen, he is focused on developing and executing a winning strategy that aligns customer needs and market trends with the best-in-class Cumulocity IoT platform. Ricky is a results-driven digital business leader with a track record of helping customers solve complex challenges through application of technology and design-driven thinking. He leverages his skills in corporate strategy, business development, and IoT platforms & business models to deliver meaningful outcomes across industries.  Ricky holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Operations Management from George Mason University and an Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business & Management.

Greg Hodgkinson
Chief Technology Officer and Worldwide Head of Engineering, Prolifics

As CTO and Worldwide Head of Engineering, Greg is responsible for effectively growing and leveraging digital IP, creating a foundation for innovation in the company, and driving improvements in the art of software development and delivery throughout Prolifics. He is a technology leader and engineer with a track record of establishing teams that deliver innovative solutions for business and enterprise IT. At Prolifics he works with teams that are on the technological cutting-edge, applying AI, Blockchain and IoT to our business and IT solutions. Greg joined Prolifics in 2007 through the acquisition of 7irene, a visionary SoA platform company in the United Kingdom which he co-founded. Greg has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, and a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Computer Science, with distinction.