IoT & Sustainability: Unlocking a Cleaner Future

Duration: 60 minutes

Discover unique insights into the challenges and opportunities of deploying IoT solutions as a sustainability enabler with TCS, Transforma Insights, and Software AG.

Pursuing sustainability is not a risk, but an opportunity. Rise to the challenge and create new sources of value—new technologies and business models, in new markets—while controlling costs with lower energy usage and waste.

Join us for the webinar IoT & Sustainability: Unlocking a Cleaner Future to gain unique insights into the challenges and opportunities of deploying IoT solutions as a sustainability enabler.

Transforma Insights, a leading research firm focused on the world of Digital Transformation, shares its analysis of key market trends and interesting background information for your IoT and sustainability journey. Software AG shares how organizations worldwide are using IoT to enable their sustainability initiatives. Also joining us on the virtual stage is TCS that has an extended portfolio in sustainability solutions and recently launched its award winning TCS Clever Energy solution with Cumulocity IoT, enabling organizations to ensure carbon neutrality and energy efficiency throughout their operations.

IoT solutions are making it easier to support a sustainable future by connecting the physical and digital worlds. Organizations that embrace IoT solutions will be well positioned to contribute to a cleaner future while creating new services that enhance the customer experience and give them a competitive edge.

In this webinar you will:

  • discover key insights into the market and how IoT enables sustainability
  • learn how the deployment of remote monitoring, smart field services, and performance management use cases drive sustainability initiatives
  • learn how Cumulocity IoT enables organizations to create solutions for sustainability use cases
  • learn how TCS Clever Energy drives sustainability initiatives
  • gain insights on how to effectively manage energy consumption

Jim Morrish
Founding Partner, Transforma Insights

Jim Morrish is a Founding Partner of Transforma Insights. He is a respected Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence industry expert, with over 25 years’ experience of strategy consulting, operations management and telecoms research. Jim is responsible for the addition of the term Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networking to the lexicon of the IoT, and is a co-author of the Ignite|IoT project management framework for IoT and the accompanying book entitled “Enterprise IoT”.

Sam Collis
Solution Director, Clever Energy, Tata Consultancy Services

Sam Collis is Solution Director for TCS Clever Energy for the European Geo. Sam is responsible for helping TCS Enterprise customers significantly reduce their operating costs and achieve their Net Zero goals, by implementing solutions which deliver energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Sam has extensive experience in IoT/Smart Building technology having previously worked for Honeywell, leading European sales for the Connected Building software business. Prior to this Sam developed his passion for Sustainability with over 10 yrs experience within the Energy Services sector, specializing in Energy performance-based contracting.

Sean Riley
VP of Global Industry Solutions, Software AG

Sean Riley is Vice President, Industry Solutions and head of the global Center of Excellence for Value Engineering for Software AG. Over the past decade, Mr. Riley has been obsessively focused on enterprise digital transformation with a focus on leveraging technologies like IoT, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Intelligent Automation as applied to production, field services, supply chains, logistics and new product development. Prior to joining Software AG in 2011, Mr. Riley has over ten years of experience in the supply chain, logistics & manufacturing fields.