Webinar: Application and Technology Portfolio Management

Master the essentials for effective strategic IT portfolio management

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Featured Speakers:

Ali Rizvi, Product Manager Alfabet, Software AG

As your business grows and takes on new challenges, IT is expected to keep pace with innovative business solutions. The result? Your IT portfolio expands in size and complexity and delivering new solutions becomes increasingly harder. The diversity and number of technologies create great challenges in maintaining the know-how to operate them. Business applications are central to operations, but application bloat makes IT unnecessarily expensive and unwieldy.

Start your strategic portfolio management practice by concentrating on what’s core - your application and technology portfolios. Watch this webinar and learn how to create a central application and technology repository for greater transparency. Find out how to perform portfolio assessments to highlight potential problem areas, understand gaps in the architecture and reduce IT spend with IT rationalization. Discover how to improve IT agility to maintain competitive advantage and profit margins as well as accelerate the time-to-market for digital business solutions.