Smarter, safer MFT in the cloud:

Managing file transfers through webMethods iPaaS

Managed File Transfer in the cloud is now an absolute necessity for modern companies, propelled by the need to securely and quickly share business-critical files with centralized management and monitoring. Without it, both internal and external business processes can get delayed and break down. webMethods Managed File Transfer solution is the answer for companies that are looking to modernize and perform file transfers in a secure, reliable and scalable manner that meet today’s market needs.

In this webinar, you’ll learn to:

  • Exchange files safely and securely through the cloud
  • Prevent IP hammering and other DOS attacks
  • Restrict internal and external users from executing tasks that are deemed harmful
  • Use MFT and B2B together to enable smooth, reliable, and guaranteed transfers
  • Call any webMethods.io transformation service to enable ETL directly

Join us and see how to modernize your MFT!

John Wilson
Sr. Product Manager, Software AG