Crossing the Chasm: 3 Ways to Connect Your Mainframe to Digital Ebook

Make the mainframe an integral part of your digital enterprise. By reusing the business processes and high value data of your custom enterprise applications, you can quickly add new digital channels, participate in hybrid-cloud environments, integrate with next-generation applications and IoT, deliver robust digital user experiences on any device and gain real-time insights into your business.

  • Create reusable services from COBOL
    Simplify application interoperability by creating and consuming APIs from your custom applications—letting your mainframe be just another part of a broader integration strategy.
  • Unlock enterprise data wherever it resides
    Meet a variety of demands for VSAM, IMS, Adabas, Db2 data and more—including secure self-service access from the desktop, real-time dashboard reporting and ETL to data lakes in the cloud.
  • Deliver multi-channel experiences
    Modernize the user experience with redesigned workflows and intuitive web interfaces while delivering multi-channel customer and employee experience across the web, mobile, call centers, autos and IoT.

Explore 3 ways to quickly connect IBM Z to digital. Cross the chasm between and new and the known with mainframe integration.

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