Connect your Mainframe to the Future of your Business Webinar

For decades, enterprises have been looking for way to unlock their mainframe and reuse their applications valuable business logic and data to connect with new technologies and innovations. Now you can. With Mainframe Integration from Software AG, we can help you build new without tearing down what already exists, risk-free with a return-to-value in just hours or days. Enjoy the freedom to innovate with expensive rip-and-replace strategies and without modifying valuable legacy code.

Join us for this webinar and learn how to:

  • Connect to new channels, applications and services by expose your programs as APIs
  • Connect mainframe data to data lakes, BI, cloud platforms for better insights
  • Connect with employees, partners and customers by providing a modern, intuitive user experience

Presented by
Guido Falkenberg, SVP, Mainframe Innovation, Software AG

Date recorded

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