Modernizing Customer Experiences with APIs

Duration: 60 minutes

Many manufacturers have already provided their customers with on-demand, real-time data to satisfy their growing need for access to order status, product data, supply chain capacity and pricing. Manufacturers that have completed this have received numerous awards, including Supplier of the Year for providing this functionality. Learn how to do this at your own company securely and quickly using the transformative power of APIs. APIs empower automation. They drive digital business. And they’re everywhere. So, what are the best practices for using them?

In this rapid-fire discussion, you’ll get real insights from industry experts Hatsada Vongphit, Manager of Connectivity Solutions Engineering for International Paper, James Higginbotham, author of Principles of Web API Design, and Sean Riley, VP, Global Industry Solutions for Software AG and long-time consultant to global manufacturers.

Join us for the latest tips and trends on APIs in manufacturing!

Hatsada Vongphit
Manager of Connectivity Solutions Engineering, International Paper

James Higginbotham
Author of Principles of Web API Design & Executive API Consultant

Sean Riley
VP, Global Industry Solutions, Software AG & Consultant to Global Manufacturers