Mastering Open Banking: Trends & Best Practices for 2024

Duration: 60 minutes

Amidst a global quest for new revenue streams, new banking ecosystems, and new requirements from regulators, institutions worldwide are refining their open banking strategies. The transformative potential of open banking is staggering, enabling banks to provide products and services that seamlessly integrate with the preferred apps of their partners and customers.

However, the rise of open banking has led to banks adopting a multitude of technologies to cater to diverse use cases. Unfortunately, this has resulted in complex solutions, which are difficult to manage. At the same time banks must strike a delicate balance between innovation, information security and operational efficiency.

In this webinar pioneers who understand the exciting possibilities that can reshape how banks operate and engage with customers are sharing their secrets to success. Our experts will share actionable strategies, real-world success stories, and a glimpse into the transformative solutions that lie ahead:

  • Welcome | Steffen Lorenz, Software AG
  • Keynote “Trends in Open Banking 2024” | Anmol Grover, Wipro
  • Roundtable Discussion: “Hands on Open Banking – Best Practices for Pioneers and Experts”
    • Anmol Grover, Wipro
    • Moataz Ganzory, Software AG
    • Moderator: Steffen Lorenz, Software AG
  • “7 things you need to know about APIs in banking” | Dr. Matthias Biehl, Software AG