Webinar: Operating Cost Reduction in Retail

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Webinar Speakers:

  • Jason Dietz, Head of Global Process Architecture at Tesco Stores ltd.
  • Oliver Guy, Senior Director, Industry Solutions at Software AG

At the beginning of 2020, the retail industry experienced rapid, large-scale disruption as customers stayed home, preferring online e-commerce. At the same time the global COVID-19 outbreak caused that same demand to skyrocket – all while facing challenges like demographic change, price inflation of raw materials, and consumer behavioral changes due to digitalization.

What many don’t realize is they need an enterprise-wide approach to optimizing business operating models, processes and working practices.  Without this, you are at risk of further margin erosion over the coming years as you adopt new business models and address continually increasing customer expectations.

Watch this webinar to understand the capabilities needed to protect your business but also learn how Tesco successfully solved challenging targets for operating cost reduction and improved profitability, all within the overall customer-centric imperative.