Webinar: Overcome Transformation Challenges in Manufacturing! Siemens and Audi Share their Experience!

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  • Stephan Schwandner, IT Service Manager, Siemens AG
  • Medhanie Yemane, Process Consultant, Audi AG
  • Sean Riley, VP Global Industry Solutions, Software AG

Within the next years, the manufacturing industry will face extraordinary challenges. Gartner* predicts that by 2024, half of factory work will be done remotely, impacting job families and shift schedules. This also means increased complexity - from new sales channels, customer requirements and business models. And that change must be managed. 

Addressing these challenges in an extremely dynamic environment can be difficult. The need for an enterprise-wide approach to adapt, enable and optimize business models is more essential than ever before, and not meeting this challenge will result in lower sales and profits.

But what if you could learn how to cut costs and improve speed and quality of manufacturing transformation to design the perfect business strategy and achieve operational excellence in standard operating procedures?

This will help you to refine and adapt your business model and understand how to fast-track your own transformation. The result? You can protect your business from dwindling profitability, inaccuracies, shortages and overstock, as well as unidentified damages over the coming years.

* https://www.manufacturingglobal.com/smart-manufacturing/gartner-5-best-practices-post-covid-innovation