Webinar: The 3 Pillars of Operational Excellence

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Continuous process optimization is a strategic imperative today and indispensable on the path to operational excellence. But in most organizations processes are still semi-documented at best and tribal knowledge remains overwhelming. Many process discovery projects are done manually, prone to error and difficult to scale. So what’s the best approach to get real insights to start your process transformation journey? Is it process mining, process modeling or task mining?

Guest speaker, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Rob Koplowitz says the best approach in none of these. If you really want to gain objective insight into the current state of your business processes and transform successfully, you need a combination of all three. Why? Hear from Rob and Dr. Helge Hess (SVP, Software AG) as they outline how you can use each and how each complement each other:

  • Process mining provides for process insights and clarity
  • Process modeling and documentation offer collaborative reengineering
  • Task mining provides analysis of user activity and creates an end-to-end view