Master Operational Excellence in 2024: Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Duration: 60 minutes

There's no better time than now to gaze into the crystal ball of your business’s future.

Join our panel of thought leaders as we kick off the year by exploring the essential trends that will shape business transformation and operational excellence in 2024.

Gain valuable insights into the evolving work landscape, identifying exciting opportunities and spotting potential risks.

Prepare your organization for a successful 2024 by diving into this year's trends. Our experts will cover key areas like Operational Resilience, Process Excellence, Hybrid Culture, or Customer Centricity, providing you and your teams with the knowledge to strategically position your business for growth.

The session will also showcase a comprehensive trend map designed to guide you through the dynamic landscape, unraveling critical issues and their interconnectedness.

Secure your place now to set you up for process success in 2024.

J-M Erlendson | LinkedIn
Transformation Engineering Lead, Software AG

J-M Erlendson is a Lead Business/Process Transformation Engineer and Project Manager with over 15 years of experience in Business Process Management and Project Management, helping clients develop and implement business process framework strategy and execute process documentation and improvement projects.

Caspar Jans | LinkedIn
Senior Director Business Transformation EMEA, Software AG

Seasoned BPM and OpEx practitioner with 20 years of industry experience (manufacturing, logistics, procurement and change management). Recognized as Top 50 global thought leader on OpEx 2023 by PEX Network.